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Rymd Communication

Your dream team with service in focus


Knowledgeable, Experienced, Cost-efficent

We are problem solvers – our goal is to be your irreplaceable right hand, creating great communication and digital experiences that engage. Working with us is simple.

We're always ready for new challenges

Mend your agency headache and have us in your portfolio of expertise. Whatever business you're in, and however small or big your operation is, we are ready to exceed your expectations.


First, contact happens! We get to know each other and learn more about your brand and the possible challenges you're facing.

Our offer

After a few days reflection, we present our proposals on possible points of action – always with fixed prizes.


If our ideas resonate with you, we start working together, likely in the first project of many.


We work tightly together all the way until delivering a final product that you are completely satisfied with.

A selection of our clients

For 25 years we have been working with some of the largest, and smallest, brands and companies in Northern Europe. We care just as much for all of them.

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