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An intimate agency with great capacity

Since the birth of Rymd for over 20 years ago, we have strived at nothing less than being the irreplaceable helping hand for our clients. If you would ask them, we are confident you would hear that this is something we succeed at.


The last decade or so has seen vast changes in the advertising landscape, and our clients' businesses and challenges have changed with it. As a company we have evolved with those changes. Still, we believe that whatever channel you're reaching out in, the underlying strategy and message is what matters the most; people still respond primarily to great ideas. Let's put creativity at the forefront, together.

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Service is in our DNA

It might be something we mention a lot, but it's worth repeating: 

We are never happy unless you are.


We pride ourselves at always keeping you in the loop, responding quickly and being proactive, so that you can feel safe with what we're doing and can focus on other aspects of your business than having agency headache. Always having a service mindset has been one of our biggest success factors from the very beginning. And it is appreciated by our clients.

Having a service mindset that is second to none in the industry has been one of our biggest success factors from the very beginning.

Examples on what we create

  • strategy work and art direction​

  • event/sponsorship concepts and material

  • print material like brochures, direct marketing and ads

  • digital marketing material, presentations and social media plans

  • motion design (2D & 3D), films and photo 

  • internal communication and educational material

simply, most things that include words and/or graphics, no matter how big or small!

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