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CLOSED: Are you the Creative Project / Key Account Manager we need?

Project manager. Key account manager. Creative director… At Rymd, it's one joint role!

We are now looking for a new talent to join our strong team and assist our clients. The title 'project manager' can mean quite a few things. Here at Rymd, it's a role with a lot of variety that centers around knowing what the customer wants and making sure that the projects we deliver live up to their expectations and beyond. Where this position perhaps differs from the 'normal' project manager role is in the creative focus. Other than acting as account managers, our project managers are leading the creative idea work and project structure/business design. Listening to and understanding our clients' challenges – that at times can be rather undefined – and transforming this information into a structured action plan is something you're driven by. We believe that lateral thinking and initiative decision making are crucial traits for succeeding in this role. If this sounds like you, you have a position in front of you that offers great possibilities! About Rymd With over 20 years as a full-scale communication agency, we have enjoyed long-standing relations with several global brands and companies. At Rymd, there's never a lack of interesting projects to undertake – check out some of the projects we’ve done lately in our motion reel:

Working at Rymd is a diverse, dynamic and (if we dare to say it ourselves) fun experience since we have clients of all sizes, in different fields, that require a wide range of production formats. We produce everything from omnichannel product launches holding a range of assets, to CEO presentations, to educational material and films. Most often this is all done in-house, but we have strong partnerships for extra support or certain specialties.

Our clients As mentioned, we work with companies of all sizes, but our core business lies in the work we do for international, listed companies. The range of projects is very wide, and you should be comfortable talking about marketing and communication on all different levels; from strategic/conceptual discussions down to the nitty gritty of an annual report.

Who we're looking for

We always have an individual approach to recruiting and do not rule anyone out for not living up to certain criteria, but we see it likely that you fit the following description: You have an academic degree in a field related to communications, marketing or business, and at least a few years professional experience in a field related to this. Most importantly, you are comfortable making your own decisions and thrive on satisfying customers with an excellent level of service and hands-on problem solving.

  • At least a few years professional experience in a B2B setting within marketing/communications

  • Adept at preferably both English and Swedish, written and oral

  • Possess a combination of mental agility, analytical thinking and customer-service mindset

  • Manage multiple projects simultaneously, with a strategic, flexible and open-minded approach

  • You're a problem solver at the core, who enjoys getting things done and building relationships.

  • Being meticulous and having a keen eye for detail is essential for the role

Other than working on projects, we are looking for someone who wants to be involved in the agency's future development, together with partners and your project manager colleagues. Not really you? Perhaps you find this better fitting: PROJEKTLEDARASSISTENT



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